Move-in/out cleaning

How to get the best results?

  1. Make sure your house is empty and box and bags-free before the cleaning day to allow our team to access all the places in need of cleaning and do their best.
  2. Schedule the repair and move-out service to come on different days from your cleaning. This will enable us the space and time to do our job the best way possible and not get into the way of others.
  3. Do not cut off your power or water until after we’re done cleaning. The equipment and the tools we use to clean require both. Thorough and deep cleaning of your home is what you need, and we guarantee. 
  4. Schedule your home cleaning a few days before the deadline. This will leave enough room for additional touch-ups you might request. We strive to meet and exceed your expectations, but we have to plan for the expected and unexpected services you might want to need.

Moving is a time of change. Change of home, space, neighborhood, routines, sometimes friends and workplaces. As stressful as it is, it just gets worse with the thought of cleaning. Cleaning of the place you’re moving out, and sometimes the one you’re moving into, as well. Sometimes both. 

With all the things on your move-out to-do list, you should leave the residential cleaning to professionals who will sync with your tasks and make sure the home you’re leaving is spotless for further use or sale. Our Move Out Cleaning service will help.

Our Move Out cleaning services checklist covers everything, and we’ll make sure new occupants will find no flaws in your previous home. We go wide and deep into cleaning the space, going through the rooms, and the remaining furniture inside and out. 

Once you’re out of the property, we take over and bring in our tools, machines, and supplies to allow you to focus on settling into your new home. We stay behind and make sure everything is pristine. 

Moving in is just as important as moving out and is the closing phase of the complex Move Home project. You’re looking forward to cozying the new place and making it your own, but you want to make sure the property is clean, disinfected, and spotless before you start taking your belongings in. The best way to ensure that is to book our Move In Cleaning service to clean the whole space thoroughly and professionally. Our Standard Cleaning service will do if the space needs some refreshing. Then again, to be sure you’re moving into a home that will bring no health issues, Deep Clean is always an option. If you are not sure about the condition of your new home, you can book consultations with us, and we’ll suggest the right cleaning package.

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Services Description

Option #1. Home Deep Cleaning (move in or out) Bedrooms & Living Area: Clean and dust

Bathrooms: Clean and sanitize all counter tops, cabinet faces, sinks, faucets, mirrors, vanities, backsplash areas, showers, toilets and tubs, sweep/mop.

Kitchen: Clean and sanitize all counter tops, cabinet faces, sinks, faucets, clean and dust (high-low), remove and clean stove outside/inside, remove and clean fridge outside/inside.

Windows: Clean and dust window lock, lower portion of window, window sill (no blinds)

Misc: Clean, dust/or wipe fans, light switch plates, door knobs, and baseboards. Vacuum carpets, mop hard floors or tile.

Note: Typically, our team will spend 4+hrs on site to ensure home is clean. If we miss anything, please notify us within 24hrs and we will fix any issues.

Option #2. Carpet Cleaning We will clean the carpet using hot water extraction. Closets and stairs are included in the pricing.

Option #3. Full Window Cleaning We will clean the windows using our company-made solution. This service includes full interior only.

*all deposits are non-refundable, please advise when finalizing service

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